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This post was authored on Sat, May 22 at 2:35pm.   I have just changed the settings on Zeta to reflect (1) that updates are from a cron file rather than from zeta itself being loaded; and (2) that updates should be posted automatically rather than manually.  If this post appears on Zeta, the changes did what I expect.

Now we need some filler.

In making editorial suggestions, please be mindful of how the ‘jot’ will look when excerpted on the front page. The excerpting software will (if it is working right) mechanically grab the title, the citation, the name of the author writing the review (and their photo), and the first two paragraphs of the review. Most authors say something about why the the thing they are reviewing is worth reading in one of their first two paragraphs. But if they don’t, it would be good to nudge them in that direction if it can be done without doing violence to the piece. Sometimes it is as simple as combining two short paragraphs into one long one, so that some description of the reviewed work’s virtues now appears in one of the top two paragraphs. Sometimes, however, the author has engaged in such a long introductory harrumph that this isn’t possible. In those cases, please raise the issue with the section editors, and be prepared to live with their decision…house style is to be gentle with our (frequently very distinguished) authors.

Section editors will then edit or approve the article (after consulting with the author if there are changes) and send the final version (if changed) to the student editor for formatting (some of the more tech-savvy editors will actually load the article into WordPress for you, but you will still need to check that the formatting is correct).

In the formatting phase you should:

  1. Format the article for WordPress, following the instructions below (it’s actually much easier than my ridiculously detailed instructions make it sound), and
  2. Check the provided URLs, and add any missing URLs. Be sure that when you “preview” the article the URLs actually work when you click on them.
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